Electrical installers

If you’re thinking about electric heating or any other electrical installation, contact your preferred installer as early as possible to find out what you need to do.

Please note this list of independent electrical installers is for information only and has not been verified or endorsed by Guernsey Electricity.

Electrix Ltd

Abbiamo Vinto, Landes du Marche, Vale, GY6 8DF

07781 100640

Chris Roberts electrical contractor

Nothernine, Forest Road, St Martins

07781 122982

Island Electrics Ltd

Timmers Complex, Rue des L’Epinel, Forest, GY8 OHL

01481 263598

Guernsey Electricity

Electricity House, Northside, Vale, GY1 3AD

01481 200749

Paul Philippe

Mount Lofty, Quatre Chemins, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5SA

07781 108921

Sarnia Electrical Supplies

Brock Road, St Peter Port, GY1 1RS

01481 725320

Electrical Installations Ltd

42 St Georges Esplanade, St Peter Port, GY1 2SE

01481 721359

C.D. Lamb

Oakleigh, Hougue de Pommier, Castel, GY5 7FG

01481 256512

Mega Electrical Services Ltd

07781 129403, 07781152454

Electrical Services

Penrhys, Close du Cordage, Route du Tertre, Castel, GY5 7JJ

07839 721056

The Electric Guy

07781 409838

Renew Guernsey

 Les Cats D’Etelles Vale, GY3 5BN

07781 149147

Electro-Tech Services Gsy Ltd

07781 446719



Danny Hill Plumbing Ltd

La Palitole, Clos du Moulin, Steam Mill Lane, St Martins, GY4 6XE

07781 104086

Element Limited

By The Sea, Prins Lane, Vale, GY6 8HH

07781 154822

J.E.R. Group Ltd

Unit 9, Kes Grippios, Vale, GY3 5NT

07839 722135

D. P. Mauger Electrical Contractor

La Retraite, Pleinheaume Road, Vale, GY6 8NR

07781 165892

Transform Electric Ltd

Coin de Terre, La Corbiere, Forest, GY8 0JG

07781 166001

Concept 360 Electrical

Concept House, Pitronnerie Road, GY1 2RG

01481 736360

Phase Mechanical | Electrical

Pitronnerie Road, St Peter Port, GY1 2RG

01481 700080

The Little Green Energy Company

Units 12/13 Homefield, Rue de L’Epinel, Forest, GY8 OHL

01481 255666, 07781 157060

D.M. Electrics

Longcamps, St Sampsons, GY1 3FD

01481 725460

Electrical Works Ltd

Candie, Pleinheume Road, Vale, GY6 8LR


Electric Lee Ltd

Stepping Stones, Upper St Jacques, St Peter Port, GY1 1SU

07781 102594

G&A Electrics Ltd

PO Box 684, St Peter Port, GY1 3XU

07781122527, 07781153779

NE Electrics Ltd

White Cottage, Rue de Bouverie, Castel, GY3 7TZ

07781 151233