Why choose electric?

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A cleaner future for Guernsey

In Guernsey today, over 90% of the electricity we use annually comes from low-carbon sources from the European grid. 

So when you choose electric – whether to heat your home, drive around, or cook your dinner – enjoy peace of mind that your choice is helping Guernsey take a step towards a cleaner, greener future for our island.

With legislation quickly changing and technology evolving, start your electric journey today by finding out more about it. 


Hydro energy is generated from harnessing water in motion, such as when water flows over the turbine’s blades to produce energy


Wind energy provides mechanical power using wind turbines that turn electric generators for electrical power.


Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the sun harnessed using a range of technologies such as photovoltaics.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are the cheapest and cleanest way to heat a home in Guernsey.

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Energy efficiency

Electric products produce zero carbon emissions at point of use and items such as electric boilers remain practically 100% efficient over their lifetime. 

Unlike electric, fossil fuel-powered heating boilers and vehicle engines lose valuable energy when the fuel you’ve paid for is converted to the heat or power you need.

This translates into us paying for greenhouse gas emissions.

The fossil-fuels used every day by people in Guernsey include heating oil, LPG gas, petrol and diesel. Anything powered using these fossil-fuels will lose efficiency as they age, costing more to run year on year.

See how this works with an electric boiler

Lower carbon heating

Fossil-fuel heating systems rely on burning oil, gas or solid fuel to produce heat for your home. 

That means a hydrocarbon fuel must always be burnt to provide useful energy, producing harmful greenhouse gas emissions as a by-product.

Modern electricity works differently: clean, renewable energy is delivered directly into your home or business, without any need to burn fuel.


A medium-sized home could save over 3 tonnes of carbon per annum when switching from gas/oil heating


Emit zero emissions with electric solutions

Independent advice was sought from UK Carbon Emissions Specialists, WSP, in identifying the figures used in this website. http://www.electricity.gg/verification

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What will you save with electric heating?

Gas is the most expensive way to heat your home in Guernsey. And both gas and oil boilers are always less than 100% efficient – even at new. This means they’ll cost you more to run each year they’re used.

Electric boilers produce zero harmful greenhouse gases around your property and are practically 100%-efficient. Even better, electric air source heat pumps are around 300% efficient and have the lowest carbon emissions of all heating choices. 

Electric cars can cost as little as 2p a mile to run and produce zero harmful emissions when driven. And with a home charger point, set your vehicle to charge between 11pm and 5am to power using 100% renewable energy. 

Ways you can switch

Join those already enjoying more efficient, cleaner living.

There are different ways you can live a more sustainable life, here are a few of the most popular options available today. 

Electric heating

Up to 75% less carbon and practically 100% efficient. Electric heating adds sustainable value to your property while you sit back and enjoy the warmth you need.

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Electric vehicles

With zero air pollution as you drive and costing the average person just 2p per mile to drive, electric isn’t the driving choice of the future – it’s the choice for today.

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Electric vehicle charging points

Future-proof your property with an electric car charging point or find out about public charging in Guernsey.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Anything that’s 300% efficient is going to save you a lot of money and a lot of energy.  Air source heat pumps have been talked about a lot in the news and worth your time investigating. 

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Important: Prepare for the switch

Technology is changing our world rapidly.

You may need a replacement cable installed beneath your property to access the power needed to support your modern heating system, electric vehicle charging point – or perhaps a future electric product that isn’t available yet.

Find out more about ways to prepare your home for the electric future.

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Over 93% of electricity in Guernsey is renewable

Our island’s imported electricity is sourced from 100% renewable energy, including solar, wind and hydroelectricity.

This is brought into the island through a subsea cable and distributed to every home and business using an underground network of cables. 

Each year a Guarantee of Origin certifies the total amount of renewable electricity used by islanders, how this electricity was generated, and where it came from.  

In the longer term, a second subsea cable direct from France, supplemented by on-island, community-scale solar generation, will mean Guernsey is powered using 100% renewable energy 365 days a year.

“Renewable energy shouldn’t be an elective choice. We believe it should be for all, delivered straight to your door”

– Alan Bates, CEO of Guernsey Electricity

Community solar

Guernsey has already started on-island renewable generation with community-scale solar arrays feeding over 350kW of renewable solar power into the grid.

This means that no matter your property size, a portion of your electricity will always come from on-island solar energy.

And more will come in future. 

Future plans

The energy transition

The States of Guernsey want to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. To achieve this all islanders will need to play their part by making positive changes and reducing carbon emissions at home. Read more about the energy transition.

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100% renewable energy

Within the next decade, a second 100MW  importation cable linked directly with France will be installed. This will provide all islanders with 100% renewable energy throughout the year, closing the door on fossil-fuel reliance.

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Network upgrades

Whilst the electricity network has developed substantially since it was first installed in 1900, it was not designed for today’s demand. Anticipating fast-paced demand from an all-electric future, Guernsey’s network will continue to be replaced and upgraded.

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Thinking about switching to electric heating?

It pays to plan ahead. Electrical installations are an investment and can take time to complete. Contact your preferred installer as early as possible for a quote and to find out what you need to do.

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